The future for Osceola and Clarke County continues to grow brighter and brighter. The economic growth of this neck of the woods is evident with the growth and quality of job and career opportunities available., jobs in osceola iowa, clarke county iowa jobs, careers in clarke county iowa

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There are great resources for finding the right career for you in Clarke County. The website makes the job search even easier, acting as a virtual “headhunter”, no matter your skill level. They will match you with a hiring employer interested in your skills, and eliminate the guesswork on both sides.

And of course, The Sentinel always has job listings, from minimum-wage starter positions all the way up to executive openings. Currently, there are listings for truck drivers, insurance agents, retail employees, human resources professionals, medical workers and many others through this resource alone.

The call to build manufacturing careers in Clarke County is continually increasing. Local employers such as Altec, Iowa Steel/Countryside Tank and SIMCO are all looking for career employees who fit their needs. These openings can be found on their own websites as well as other job search outlets.


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A widespread misconception is that you must have experience in manufacturing to be considered for any of the open positions, but that is not true. In this era of high turnover, most employers are willing to train the right candidate. There is so much more behind a successful career than knowing the job. Employers are looking for responsible people who are willing and able to learn and aren’t afraid to work. The rest can be taught.

“I’ve spoken with many businesses throughout the area and their main focus is finding the right person for the right position. It’s no longer a matter of degree versus qualifications. Many employers are looking for that responsible person they can train to fit into a long-term career,” says Bill Trickey, of Clark County Development Corporation.


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Another great employer in Osceola, Lakeside Hotel and Casino, currently has openings, too. Whether ground floor beginnings or managerial careers, there are a lot of options for anyone who wants to work. It all starts with you taking that first step.

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Osceola and Clarke County are continually growing and changing, and employer needs are also evolving. There are many jobs out there that pay well above minimum wage and can open doors that job-seekers may not have even considered before. Don’t be put off by the minimum wage jobs, either; those are merely the stepping-stones to finding what you love to do, what you have an aptitude for, and a long-term career that will turn “making a living” into making a life.

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