The City of Osceola:

  • Mayor and City Officials Gear Up for Osceola’s Comprehensive Plan 2045 November 15, 2023
    The Comprehensive Plan for the City of Osceola is quickly approaching the next phase of the development process. After the data gathered from extensive community input as well as from city officials and business owners, the team at RDG Planning and Design are working diligently to finalize it all and bring the plan together. Mayor Kedley and others have been […]
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  • Water Works Team Addresses Water Quality at Lower Levels November 14, 2023
    With the lower levels of water in West Lake, quality challenges have become more apparent and require a change in the disinfection process. To help mitigate bacteria and other issues at lower levels in West Lake, a free-chlorine disinfection process will begin. Click through to learn what you can do about the changes in your water... CLICK THROUGH TO READ MO […]
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  • State of Osceola’s Water – Town Hall Follow-up November 6, 2023
    The team at Osceola Water Works would to thank everyone who participated in the State of Osceola's Water Town Hall meeting on the 26th. There were a lot of great discussions and action items developed or reinforced from the event. Overall, it was a success and shows how the community can come together to discuss these issues. In the most recent post, th […]
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  • Special Event – Town Hall Discussion – State of Osceola’s Water October 23, 2023
    The Osceola Water Works Team is bringing city officials and those who know the most current conditions of Osceola’s water supply together to have an open “Town Hall Discussion '' on the state of Osceola’s water. The special event information - Location, time, topic details, etc. - is in the recent post... CLICK THROUGH TO READ MORE -> The post S […]
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  • Urgent Update on Water Levels in Osceola’s West Lake Reservoir (Video) October 13, 2023
    The Osceola Water Works team continues to work to provide updates to the community about drought conditions and to guide customers in efforts to help conserve water. In this submission, they've provided additional information in the form of video to help illustrate the severity of the ongoing drought situation. You can click through to view... CLICK THR […]
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About the City Of Osceola:

The City of Osceola is a political subdivision of the State of Iowa located in Clarke County. It was incorporated in 1866 and operates under the Home Rule provisions of the constitution of Iowa. The City operates under the Mayor-Council form of government with the Mayor and Council Members elected on a non-partisan basis. The City provides numerous services to citizens including public safety, public works, culture and recreation, public improvements, economic development and general administrative services. The City also provides water, sewer and sanitation services to its citizens.

City Council Contact Information:

First Ward
Doug Gay
407 North Dewey
Term Expires – December 31, 2019

Second Ward
Dan Hooper
200 S. Clarke Street
Term Expires- December 31, 2021

Third Ward
Damon Boyd
221 W Fayette
Term Expires – December 31, 2019

Dr. George Fotiadis
1017 Harkin Hills Drive
Term Expires- December 31, 2021

Dennis Page
705 Southern Hills Drive
Term Expires – December 31, 2021

Mayor Contact Information:

Thomas J. Kedley – Mayor
318 East View Place
(563) 249-1330
Term Expires – December 31, 2019

City Administrator/City Clerk:

Ty Wheeler
[email protected]

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