The City of Osceola:

  • Recent Rains Ease Drought Concerns, But Water Works Encourages Continued Conservation May 14, 2024
    With the recent rains, the relief felt at the May 9th Osceola Water Works Board of Trustees meeting was palpable. With a jump in lake levels of more than 3.75 feet, the board unanimously decided to exit Section 3 - Water Emergency of the Osceola Water Works Conservation Ordinance and enter into Section 2 - Water Warning.  Click through to the latest update f […]
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  • Clean-Up Week — City Strongly Encourages Community-Wide Participation May 13, 2024
    With city-wide Spring Clean-Up taking place this week, city officials wanted to make sure the public was updated on the event details as well as additional information about recent city nuisance ordinance updates made in the May 7th city council meeting. Click on the latest feature to read how you can participate in the clean-up event and learn about the nui […]
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  • Special Osceola Water Works Bottled Water Giveaway – May 7th April 24, 2024
    On May 7th, 2024, in two public events, the Osceola Water Works’ team will be handing cases of bottled water to the community. This is in response to a generous donation received to help with the ongoing water conservation efforts throughout the community. Check out the latest feature and the details surrounding the distribution of more than 36,000 bottles o […]
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  • Osceola Water Board Approves Plans for the Future of Osceola’s Water Supply April 10, 2024
    For more than 18-months, the Osceola Water Works team has been evaluating and researching the most impactful ways to supplement Osceola's water supply and increase access to other raw water sources to serve the community. In Thursday's monthly water board meeting, a plan was presented and approved with three focused stages, including estimated time […]
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  • Big Business Concessions for Community Water Conservation April 3, 2024
    Since the October water conservation ordinance update from Osceola Water Works Board of Trustees, the efforts surrounding reducing water use have shown how a community can really come together in emergency situations. That also means Osceola's largest water users, commercial and industrial customers. Check out the latest feature for what these large wat […]
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About the City Of Osceola:

The City of Osceola is a political subdivision of the State of Iowa located in Clarke County. It was incorporated in 1866 and operates under the Home Rule provisions of the constitution of Iowa. The City operates under the Mayor-Council form of government with the Mayor and Council Members elected on a non-partisan basis. The City provides numerous services to citizens including public safety, public works, culture and recreation, public improvements, economic development and general administrative services. The City also provides water, sewer and sanitation services to its citizens.

For more information, please visit the City of Osceola’s Web site.

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