clarke county reservoir informational web site

At the June 20th Clarke County Reservoir Commission (CCRC) board meeting, board members and those in attendance were shown the design and functionality of a new informational web site developed for the commission. The site replaces the original CCRC website which had been inoperable for several years.

“When our original site expired, we lost the opportunity to help our community stay informed about the development,” said Dave Beck CCRC Project Coordinator. “We realized, while month-to-month actions the board takes may not seem like tangible progress, the work we’re doing for the good of community needs to be communicated more consistently.”

The new site will contain the vision and history of the CCRC as well as provide ongoing updates from the board and its members. From monthly meeting minutes and archived information to deeper articles providing explanations of the ongoing development of the Clarke County Reservoir.

While past documentation of the CCRC’s activity working toward a sustainable water supply for south-central Iowa has been parsed out amongst local and regional media outlets as well as online discussions, the intention of the new informational website is to aggregate all available information to a single location to help the community get involved and stay up to date with the development.

“With ongoing reservoir activities picking up, we wanted to make sure we had a resource to help the community follow along through the upcoming stages of development,” said Beck.

With the design and development of the new website, the CCRC board also committed to an ongoing communications effort that will keep the site’s “News” section up to date with board and development activity as well as provide details on the activities surrounding the reservoir.

The site is designed to be user friendly and operate seamlessly across various platforms and devices. A desktop version of the site will easily convert to load on users’ mobile devices and content from articles to interactive PDFs are available.

If you have questions or would like additional information about the Clarke County Reservoir Commission or the development of the Clarke County Reservoir, please visit: or contact CCRC Project Coordinator, Dave Beck at [email protected].

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