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  • Clarke Students Show Significant Improvement in Year-End Testing May 17, 2023
    Great news from Clarke Community Schools to end out the 2022-23 school year: Clarke students saw marked improvements in recent year-end testing. The ISASP test scores went up across the district and showed a great path to success for students and teachers alike! Take a look at the latest release to learn more about student success at Clarke... CLICK THROUGH […]
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  • Clarke Industrial Tech Students Show Off Real-World Skills May 16, 2023
    Clarke Industrial tech students came together with local manufacturing mentors to showcase student achievements in an annual welding event. The students teamed up with local experts to test skills and showcase talents on new projects for the city. Click through to the latest feature to read more about the growing student participation and the skills they […]
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  • Winter Activities Come in Hot for Clarke Performing Arts Students April 19, 2023
    The "ONE-TRIBE" spirit hits hard and wins big with the Clarke Community Schools Performing Arts Winter season. With performance wins and show-stopping talent, the 2022-23 season resulted in some significant bragging rights for these Clarke artists. Click through to the latest feature to read more about these amazing kids and their hard work represe […]
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  • SWCC’s Dr. Welch – Bringing a Dedicated Passion for Student and Tech Industry Success April 5, 2023
    With the recent $2million funding announcement for the development of a new tech center in Osceola (next to SWCC's Osceola campus), local leadership and industrial professionals alike looked to the experience of SWCC’s Dr. Welch for her insights on how to deliver a project that: A) addresses industrial CRT and continuing education needs and B) incorpora […]
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  • Let’s Celebrate! Week of the Young Child – April 1–7, 2023 March 29, 2023
    In a recent proclamation by Osceola's Mayor, April 1st through April 7th, 2023 will be "Week of the Young Child," celebrating those like The Village Early Childhood Center in Osceola, who provide services during some of the most important years in early childhood development. .... Click through to read more about The Week of the Young Child as […]
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