Latest news from The Clarke County, Iowa Board of Supervisors:

  • Clarke County Courthouse Reopens with Some Safety Measures June 25, 2020
    In response to the immediate threat of the COVID Pandemic, the Clarke County Board of Supervisors implemented several temporary safety measures in accordance with the Governor’s Proclamation involving Social Distancing and Building Capacity guidelines. From the outset, the County has pursued the dual goals of reducing exposure CLICK THROUGH TO READ MORE - […]
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  • Clarke County Supervisors Work Toward Solution for Rural Road Safety October 30, 2019
    The winter and spring thaw from the 2018-19 winter made rural road conditions throughout the Midwest terrible. In Iowa, from border to border, gravel roads and the spring thaw combined for a muddy, rutted mess that also raised concerns for vehicle safety and drivability for school busses CLICK THROUGH TO READ MORE -> The post Clarke County Supervisors Wor […]
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  • August 6th Special Vote on Clarke County Supervisors – Options and Information August 1, 2019
    NOTICE:  In the Osceola Sentinel’s print version of this feature, it was inadvertently stated that “Plan 2” would remove the requirement for the representative to live in the district for which they represent. That was a misstatement and has been retracted from this posting. The information in CLICK THROUGH TO READ MORE -> The post August 6th Special Vote […]
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  • CCRC Moves to Final Stages with Reservoir Project Finish Line In Sight June 12, 2019
    After decades of planning, studies, and hard work, the Clarke County Reservoir project is on schedule and ready to move on to its next phase. In the mid 1990s, a study was commissioned to evaluate the viability of a new, larger reservoir to meet the growing needs CLICK THROUGH TO READ MORE -> The post CCRC Moves to Final Stages with Reservoir Project Fini […]
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  • Crossroads Mental Health & Substance Abuse Facility Opens in Osceola To Serve Southern Iowa February 8, 2019
    Crossroads Behavioral Health is a Community Mental Health & Addiction Treatment Center dedicated to providing a multidisciplinary approach through psychiatric services, therapy and counseling services. Crossroad’s also provides care coordination services through their integrated home health team for those who have chronic mental illnesses. On February 11 […]
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Clarke County, Iowa Board of Supervisors:

The Clarke County Board of Supervisors are elected officials serving 4-year terms in support of the citizens of Clarke County. The Board collectively oversees and assists in the coordination of activities for:

  • Clarke County Assessor
  • Clarke County Attorney
  • Clarke County Auditor
  • Clarke County Conservation Board
  • Clarke County Emergency Management
  • Clarke County Engineer’s Office
  • Clarke County Department of Environmental Health
  • Clarke County General Relief
  • Clarke County Department of Public Health
  • Clarke County Recorder
  • Clarke County Sheriff’s Department
  • Clarke County Treasurer
  • Clarke County Board of Veteran Affairs
  • Clarke County Zoning

More details about each office can be found on the Clarke County, Iowa Website.

Current Clarke County, Iowa Board of Supervisors:

  • District I: Dean Robins
  • District II: Laurence (Larry) Keller, Vice Chairman
  • District III: Marvin McCann, Chairman

Contact Information:

Board of Supervisors
Emails can be received by:
Marvin McCann – [email protected]
(641) 342-3641

Emergency Management  – Byron Jimmerson
[email protected]
(641) 342-6654

Assessor – Steve Smith
[email protected]
(641) 342-3817

County Attorney – Adam Ramsey
(641) 342-3423

Auditor – Janice M White
[email protected]
(641) 342-3315

Recorder – Peggy Cummings
[email protected]
(641) 342-3313

SheriffRob Kovacevich
Phone: 641-342-2914

Treasurer – Debbie Lynn
[email protected]
(641) 342-3311

Public Health
[email protected]
(641) 342-3724

Engineer – Thomas B. Andersen
[email protected]
(641) 342-2716

Conservation – Scott Kent
(641) 342-3960

General Relief
Mary Delong
[email protected]

Veterans Affair
Shane Simpson, Director
[email protected]
(641) 342-2933

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