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Latest news from The Clarke County, Iowa Board of Supervisors:

  • Stop and See the Clarke County Courtyard Rain Garden July 2, 2018
    Clarke County Courtyard Rain Garden Provides Unique Opportunities & Education With the booming 4th of July festivities on the horizon, Osceola residents are invited to view and show off to visitors the only Courtyard in Iowa to have a Rain Garden. While on a Clarke County Prairie The post Stop and See the Clarke County Courtyard Rain Garden appeared firs […]
    Clarke County Life Administrator
  • Meet Your New Clarke County Supervisor, Dean Robins May 4, 2018
    Clarke County has a new County Supervisor! Dean Robins has lived in Clarke County his whole life, where he and his wife raised three children. Dean spent the last 34 years with Agriland FS, Inc. in Murray, Iowa. He spent his career working with Southern Iowa growers The post Meet Your New Clarke County Supervisor, Dean Robins appeared first on Clarke County […]
    Clarke County Life Administrator
  • Being A Community Bank Also Means Giving Back February 22, 2018
    The banking industry, while an integral part of any community, rarely gets recognized for the services they provide outside financial services. Through a memorial library book donation program, Clarke County State Bank, one of south-central Iowa’s longest standing financial institutions, has been giving back to their local The post Being A Community Bank Als […]
    Clarke County Life Administrator
  • Drone Program Coming to Clarke County January 26, 2018
    The Clarke County Emergency Management Agency accepts its first grant from CCOPS for a public safety drone program. Clarke County Emergency Management has begun their fundraising efforts to acquire and implement a public safety unmanned aerial craft or drone. The $2000 CCOPS (Clarke County Organization or Philanthropic The post Drone Program Coming to Clarke […]
    Clarke County Life Administrator
  • Clarke County Comprehensive Plan Update Draft Available December 18, 2017
    Clarke County, Iowa – Clarke County Comprehensive Plan Update Draft Available for Public Comment A complete draft of the update to the Clarke County Comprehensive Plan is available for public review and comment.  Copies can be downloaded in PDF format at  This plan updates the previous The post Clarke County Comprehensive Plan Update Draft Ava […]
    Clarke County Life Administrator

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Clarke County, Iowa Board of Supervisors:

The Clarke County Board of Supervisors are elected officials serving 4-year terms in support of the citizens of Clarke County. The Board collectively oversees and assists in the coordination of activities for:

  • Clarke County Assessor
  • Clarke County Attorney
  • Clarke County Auditor
  • Clarke County Conservation Board
  • Clarke County Emergency Management
  • Clarke County Engineer’s Office
  • Clarke County Department of Environmental Health
  • Clarke County General Relief
  • Clarke County Department of Public Health
  • Clarke County Recorder
  • Clarke County Sheriff’s Department
  • Clarke County Treasurer
  • Clarke County Board of Veteran Affairs
  • Clarke County Zoning

More details about each office can be found on the Clarke County, Iowa Website.

Current Clarke County, Iowa Board of Supervisors:

  • District I: Bill Black
  • District II: Laurence (Larry) Keller, Vice Chairman
  • District III: Marvin McCann, Chairman

Contact Information:

Board of Supervisors
Emails can be received by:
Bill Black – [email protected]
or Marvin McCann – [email protected]
(641) 342-3641

Emergency Management  – Byron Jimmerson
[email protected]
(641) 342-6654

Assessor – Steve Smith
[email protected]
(641) 342-3817

County Attorney – Michelle Murphy Rivera
(641) 342-3423

Auditor – Janice M White
[email protected]
(641) 342-3315

Recorder – Peggy Cummings
[email protected]
(641) 342-3313

SheriffRob Kovacevich
Phone: 641-342-2914

Treasurer – Debbie Lynn
[email protected]
(641) 342-3311

Public Health
[email protected]
(641) 342-3724

Engineer – Thomas B. Andersen
[email protected]
(641) 342-2716

Conservation – Scott Kent
(641) 342-3960

General Relief
Mary Delong
[email protected]

Veterans Affair
Shane Simpson, Director
[email protected]
(641) 342-2933

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