Press Release from Osceola Fire Department

Osceola, Iowa – Osceola Fire Department adds residential Knox Box as options to homeowners. The Knox HomeBox™ is a secure key box for individual residences that can only be opened with one of 2 keys. These keys are secured in mounted boxes on fire engines that can only be assessed with an individual code and records date and time the key was accessed.

Rapid access to a residence for a variety of emergencies is very important. Law Enforcement or EMS can request the assistance of the Fire Department to access the box. When time is critical or when a no damage entry is needed this provides immediate access to first responders.


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There are various reasons to include a Knox HomeBox™ from individuals with limited mobility, chronic health conditions, automatic fire and carbon monoxide detectors, emergency call buttons, and more.

“We have responded to many calls in which we needed to gain entrance.” Says Byron Jimmerson the Osceola Fire Chief, “Time is critical in responding to these calls and not only do we want to avoid damage we want to quickly respond to medical emergencies.”

The Knox HomeBox™ ranges from $170 to $187 depending on the configuration. They can be permanent mounted or with a secure door hanger. HomeBox can be purchased online at

For more information, please contact:osceola iowa fire department

Byron Jimmerson, IA-CEM, FFII, NREMT
Clarke County Emergency Management Agency
Fire Chief – City of Osceola
Zoning Administrator Clarke County

100 S. Main, Osceola, IA 50213
Phone – 641.342.6654
Cell – 641.203.3031
Fax – 641.342.1545
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