THE TOP 5 Features of 2017: had a busy and exciting 2017 helping to spread inspirational stories and important news about living in Clarke County, Osceola, and Southern Iowa. Since the official launch in July 2015, ClarkeCountyLife has had the honor to tell the rest of the world about how Clarke County is building an outstanding community with the best Quality of Life in Southern Iowa. Here are the Top 5 stories based on traffic and reach:

5. Osceola’s Free Land Incentive Program Continues to Break New Ground

new homebuyer programs in osceola iowa

As a follow-up feature to the Builder’s “Free-Land Incentive Program” news released just a few months prior (see #3 of our top 5), this article showcased a few of the builders and a family that took advantage of the incredible offer. From breaking ground on new developments in the Country Club area to the building of a family’s dream home, the incentive program looks to have been a big hit for the entire community.

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4. Clarke Community Schools Takes Registration Online

clarke community schools osceola online registrationClarke Community Schools has established themselves as tech-savvy and ahead of the technology curve. For years, registration days have been filled with long lines and occasional confusion, but for the 2017-18 school year the process was streamlined through the new online registration portal made available to parents and students through Infinite Campus.

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3. Free Land & Incentives for Builders Looking to Develop in Osceola, Iowa

housing incentives osceola iowa free landClarke County Development Corporation, as part of a new housing development initiative, began offering home builders and developers shovel-ready sites at no cost for residential projects, as well as reimbursements on interest for construction loans for a 12-month period. The initiative was started to make it easier for workers who commute to Osceola daily to put down roots in the community, and to entice more businesses to establish in and around Osceola.

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2. Clarke Elementary Wins HealthierUs School Challenge Award

Clarke Elementary was one of only four Iowa schools to win the HealthierUs Challenge Award, and the only Iowa school to win Silver certification. Providing healthier choices through the school lunch program shows Clarke Elementary’s continued commitment to building healthy schools and healthy students.

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And the Top Story From

1. 4th of July Activities – 2017 Blast from the Past

osceola 4th of july activitiesShowing once again the strong sense of community and pride in their city, the citizens of Osceola were very engaged in their 4th of July celebrations. One of the best celebrations in the state, Osceola’s 4th of July activities last 5 days and include concerts, contests, food and friends.

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Honorable Mention Articles That Just Missed The Top 5:

Clarke County Freedom Rock Update – the new Freedom Rock established as a destination in Murray, Iowa

More Info As Clarke County Reservoir Project Proceeds – updates on the progress of the important reservoir project

8 Clarke School Teachers Prepare for China Trip – Clarke Schools continues to be a leader in world education

New Non-Profit Established to Build Osceola Rec Center –  Osceola’s Mayor Kedley helped create a non-profit group to raise funds to build a new recreation center.

Life in Clarke County is good. 

The articles shared on show that the “Quality of Life” in Clarke County and Osceola is pretty darn good and getting better every year.  Read the articles we’ve cited in our Top 5, and take pride in the fantastic opportunities that surround you. Your community IS growing and you’re at the onset of making Osceola and the surrounding areas a true focal point for Southern Iowa.

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