laptops in school, chromebooks for students, school technology, clarke community schoolsOn Monday night, June 13, the Clarke School Board approved a plan to provide Chromebooks for all students in grades 3 through 12, continuing the drive to bring more technology to all students and all classrooms in the district.

The district technology committee began the work toward this upgrade late last fall, and after three months of intensive product comparisons, research and much discussion, the district will enter into a lease agreement to provide 1,515 new Chromebooks to Clarke students in grades 3-12. The district’s current iPads will now be distributed to students in kindergarten through 2nd grade for the remainder of that lease period.

In essence, every student that walks through the doors of Clarke Community Schools will have the latest technology at their fingertips,” said Steve Seid, Clarke Schools Superintendent. “We believe these technology upgrades will make our school district all the more attractive to families looking for the best education opportunities for their children.”

Along with the new technology, CST (Combined Systems Technology) will come into the district and raise the available bandwidth from 100 to 200 to accommodate the increased number of students online. They will also strengthen firewall security and web filters to keep students safe and on task. Each student will receive a Chromebook with a computer bag, and each Chromebook will also come with a warranty and professional development training for all teachers and staff.

Clarke Community Schools is using the summer break to make many other improvements that will be ready when students return in the fall. Some things students can look forward to include:

  • The whole Clarke Community School District will be air conditioned as the final 13 school rooms are equipped
  • New carpeting is being installed in the elementary school hallways
  • A new air conditioning tower is being installed at the elementary school to accompany the heating and cooling
  • All lightbulbs in the district will be switched over to LED lighting; the costs will be recouped after only 8 years
  • Concrete will be added at the football stadium under the visitors’ bleachers and from the bleachers to the concession stand

As Clarke Community Schools continues to grow, the school district will continue to make improvements that benefit the whole student body and enable the best learning environment possible.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Steve Seid, Clarke Superintendent, at (641) 342-4969 or [email protected].

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