The beginning of a new school year brings many things with it: new schedules, new friends, new school supplies and lots of new opportunities for learning. But this year, Clarke Community Schools is also bringing many new improvements to showcase the growing district and enhance the overall learning environment for all Clarke Community in clarke county iowa

  • At Registration on August 1st, the new Chromebooks were handed out to all students in grades 8-12. Students in grades 3-7 will receive their Chromebooks on the first day of school. Continuing the drive for technology throughout the district, students in kindergarten through 2nd grade will be using the iPads previously used by the upper classes.
  • To go along with the new Chromebooks, the available bandwidth at both campuses has been doubled to accommodate the increased needs of the student body.
  • While most school districts would probably stop there, Clarke Community Schools has also added a full computer lab to the Middle School. The lab is filled with 30 new HP desktop computers, allowing students even more opportunity to learn on and about computers.
  • A wall was erected in the Middle School gym in the old stage area, creating a usable storage area and making the whole space much more inviting to all visitors to the building.
  • At long last, ALL of the district classrooms have air conditioning! This project was finished over the summer so students – and teachers – can focus fully on lessons.
  • To complement the newly installed A/C throughout the district, the cooling tower at the Elementary was replaced for increased efficiency and reliability.
  • Asbestos removal at the Elementary has been completed and new carpeting was installed in the hallway that services kindergarten through 2nd grade students.
  • The Elementary School is now compliant with the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) to create a welcoming experience for visitors and district members. Safety improvements were made to the North steps, the sidewalks, and other items inside the building.
  • After receiving comments and suggestions from district members and visitors to the football stadium, concrete installation has been completed! Visitors and district members alike can move easily and safely in and around the parking lot, the ticket booth, the bleachers and the concession stand now that the river rock has been replaced by concrete. Clarke Schools strives to provide a welcoming environment to all.
  • The entire district has now been equipped with efficient and cost-effective LED lighting. Last year, all of the gymnasiums received new lighting, and that has been expanded throughout all the classrooms and offices.
  • With the safety of students in mind, the flow of traffic for drop-off and pick-up at both the High School and the Middle School have been reconfigured. While there haven’t been any incidents of students getting hit, the district has taken steps to try to ensure it never happens. Details were sent out to students and families over the summer.

Superintendent Steve Seid is very proud of the improvements that have already been made and looks forward to continuing the trend toward making Clarke Community Schools an exceptional and desirable school district.

When our kids come back to class, we feel we are going to be very prepared to continue providing the high-quality education and facilities our community expects for them.”

This impressive list of school district improvements is only the beginning. Keep an eye out for further announcements about new ideas and projects soon to be in the works to keep Clarke Community Schools growing as a competitive option for Southern Iowa students.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Steve Seid, Clarke Superintendent, at (641) 342-4969 or [email protected].

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  1. Congratulations on all of the additions and improvements.