For over four decades The Clarke County Development Corporation (CCDC) has worked to foster local improvement projects and spur opportunities to create a warm and welcoming community for Clarke County, its businesses, and citizens. Over the past few months, with the help of considerable grant opportunities, the CCDC has acted on a number of projects that are making a noticeable difference.

At the August CCDC board meeting, three significant grants and funding actions were voted on and approved, impacting everything from housing development to community health and safety.

Osceola Q-Pond Park Trail Project

With the latest round of CCDC Grants, the Q-Pond trail will be extended.

One of the most significant funding actions taken was for the continuation of the trail development project around Q-Pond. With a grant of $45,000, the CCDC was able to fund the continued efforts for the parks and trails systems throughout Osceola and Clarke County. The $45,000 will help to fund the ongoing construction of the trail being put on the north and east sides of Q-Pond as well as some trail development and planning for connecting the trails to the Safe Routes to School program. This trail system will not only improve opportunities for community health and wellness, but also give children and families a clean, safe place to play and exercise.

Working with the City of Osceola and the City of Woodburn, the CCDC board also helped fund the sale of a new fire engine that will be added to the Woodburn Volunteer Fire Department. The total purchase price of the Fire Engine, originally part of the Osceola Volunteer Fire Department’s fleet, came to $30,000. With a $15,000 grant from the CCDC as well as a $5,000 repayable loan from The City of Osceola to Woodburn, the final $10,000 will come from the Woodburn Fire Department. The Fire Engine will be moved from the Osceola Firehouse to Woodburn in a few weeks.

These volunteer fire departments play a critical role in the safety of our rural neighbors.” said Bill Trickey, Executive Director of the CCDC, “This will be a great addition to the City of Woodburn and the safety of our community as a whole.”

Housing development in osceola iowa

The house on the NE corner of Clay and Fillmore will be torn down.

Finally, a demolition grant was approved in the amount of $3,817.50. The grant will go toward the demolition and removal of the dilapidated house on the corner of Clay and Fillmore streets. This house has been a community eyesore for years. With no takers for improvement, it was quickly condemned and slated for demolition earlier in the year. With this CCDC grant, the house will be removed and the site prepared for future development.

These and a number of other activities are the cornerstone of the Clarke County Development Corporation. As more grant opportunities come available it’s the mission of the CCDC to commit support and funding to as many community improvement and business development efforts as possible.

If you have questions concerning the Clarke County Development Corporation or any of the grant opportunities available through the CCDC, Contact Bill Trickey, Executive Director, or Liz Simpson, Program Manager at 115 E Washington Street, P.O. Box 426, Osceola, IA 50213, phone: 641-342-2944, email: [email protected]

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