(OSCEOLA, IA May, 2, 2022)

Clarke Community Schools’ students use their skills to design and manufacture bicycle repair stations in Osceola, Iowa.

The students of the Clarke Community High School welding class is working with local manufacturers to create bicycle repair stations on the different trails around Osceola. The repair stations will include a variety of different tools and a pump to assist bicyclists who may experience a flat tire or broken chain while riding one of the many trails in the local Osceola trail system.

Bill Trickey, Clarke County Development’s Executive Director noted,

“CCDC likes the partnership of students with our local industry professionals. This gives students the opportunity to consider professional careers in skilled manufacturing”

The Osceola trail system is gaining popularity with bikers, walkers, and runners of all ages. Clarke County Public Health currently has a bicycle rental program located at the courthouse as well. The expanding trail system has led to an increase in amenities along the trail system. These include benches, mile markers, outdoor exercise equipment and access to restrooms.

The bicycle repair stations would be an additional amenity to the trail system. The repair stations will be weather resistant for year round availability. The stations are outfitted to allow the user to place the bicycle securely upside down and repair what is needed for the cyclist to continue on the trail.

Students were tasked with  building the stations. Working with local manufacturers, the students were able to create the stations. Local manufacturers assisting in the design and fabrication of the stations were Paul Mueller Company, Altec, Salford Group, Osceola Foods, Miller Products, and SIMCO. The students will be building 5 bicycle repair stations. They will likely be located on the Q Pond trail, East Lake Trail, Hembry Trail, and downtown Osceola. The City of Osceola and Clarke County Conservation will determine the locations for the stands and will be responsible for the maintenance of the repair stations after they are installed.

Funding for the repair stations is being provided by the Osceola Rotary with the assistance of a donation from the Clarke County Development Corporation’s Community Donation Program. In addition, materials were donated by participating local manufacturers.

Rotary member Amy Lampe states,

 ”The Rotary symbol is a gear wheel and bicycles have plenty of gears! This project will represent a fitting connection between Rotary and the trail system.”

If you have questions or would like more information about grant and donation programs offered by CCDC, please contact Elizabeth Simpson, Program Manager, Phone: 641.342.2944 email: [email protected].





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