Searching for jobs in Osceola, Iowa is easy.

While traditional jobs, job boards, and newspaper listings show you an occasional handful of opportunities, the Web site,, allows job seekers to post their employment information – resumes, education information, job history, salary requirements, and more – anonymously to a board local employers actively search when openings occur.

osceola iowa jobs website

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With over 4,500 non-farm jobs in Osceola, pickings are fruitful. Some positions are listed starting at $17 to $22 per hour or more. Benefit packages that come with many of the jobs include paid time off, healthcare coverage, and even childcare supplementation. Each listing varies and the opportunities to start a good career in Osceola are plentiful.

Employers, on the other hand, still have trouble finding qualified, committed candidates to fill positions throughout Osceola and Clarke County. With the development and management of web site, making sure the local pool of employee candidates remains full is a top priority. Employers are actively seeking candidates with job skills ranging from:

  • Entry-Level – post high school job seekers looking to get in and work hard on the ground floor
  • Administrative – High functioning office and operations experience with good people skills
  • Production – Some experience (usually 2-4 years) is needed to hit the ground running in any production-intense environment
  • Management – Substantial experience in employee and production administration is needed
  • Specialty – Employees possessing special degrees (e.g. Nursing, etc.)
  • Executive Level – Employment history shows proficiency in the industry with management, production, financial accuracy, business development, and more.

Applicant anonymity is a bonus.

Job seekers have the added bonus of maintaining complete anonymity throughout their job search. Once the employment qualifications are entered into, potential employers will be able to review and select candidates they think best suit the positions available. Not until a contact through the web site is made will the applicant know who the employer is. From the initial contact, the applicants, then, are able to choose or reject offers to connect with the employers.

“There are plenty of good-paying, career-launching jobs available to our citizens,” Bill Trickey, Executive Director of the Clarke County Development Corporation (CCDC) stated. “With, we help make the connections applicants otherwise may miss.”

If you have questions or would like to know more about, you can go to the web site and read more or enter your information to get started.

For more on Clarke County Development Corporation and their commitment to helping employees and employers build businesses throughout Osceola and Clarke County, you can call the CCDC office at 641-342-2944, go to or email [email protected]

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