The Osceola Volunteer Fire Department (OVFD) is excited to be getting an updated fire engine to continue providing Osceola and surrounding areas with outstanding fire and emergency service.

osceola fire department fire truck

The new OVFD Engine model will be similar to the image shown.

After a grueling search that began in 2014, the OVFD will be getting a new fire engine in mid to late 2017. They currently have two engines in service, models from 1993 and 1999, but demands on the department and changing technology made acquiring a new truck a necessity.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) currently recommends updating first-out, front line equipment every 10-15 years. The 1993 model well exceeds that time frame and the department needs to ensure their ability to continue providing timely, reliable service whenever needed.

Ensuring that our first responders have the tools and equipment needed to their job is a top priority for the City of Osceola,” said City Administrator Ty Wheeler. “The capabilities, technology and reliability of this new engine will make certain the OVFD continues to provide high quality service to our community.”

In 2016, after working with a numerous potential vendors to gather a variety of bids, the Osceola Volunteer Fire Department presented specifics of a Pierce Impel PUC Fire Engine to the City Council for approval. The purchase price was within budget limits and, because the Council had refinanced the 2009 General Obligation Bond in 2015 to fund the truck, they were able to pre-pay for the new engine and save nearly $30,000 off the purchase price.

In addition to the city of Osceola, the OVFD also provides rural fire protection for Osceola, Ward, Freemont, Washington, and Knox townships. Woodburn, Murray, Weldon, and many other nearby community departments have mutual aid agreements currently in place with the OVFD to help with fire calls as needed. The acquisition of a new fire truck will allow the OVFD to provide necessary service to Osceola’s industrial base as well as emergency calls from the interstate.

If you have any questions or comments, please call or email City Administrator Ty Wheeler at (641)342-2377 or at [email protected].

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