The Osceola Volunteer Fire Department is currently undergoing a transformation.

The OVFD is a 100% volunteer fire department providing 24-hour 365 day a year fire and rescue protection to the district. Osceola’s district is comprised of about 6,500 people, Interstate 35, two major highways, railway, school district, and industry.

The Department is engaging in a recruiting campaign. We are encouraging anyone that is interested in serving their community to apply to the Department. Application are available on the City website, City Hall, and at Emergency Management Office in the Courthouse.

Additionally, as part of the OVFD transformation, the Department is renewing their focus on customer service-oriented fire service. The department will engage in various community activities and support community efforts wherever they are able.

Osceola Volunteer Fire Department

Clicking on the above image will also take you to the OVFD Facebook Page.

Make sure to follow the Fire Departments Facebook page for more information and upcoming community events.

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