Teachers’ week is upon us. In normal times this would, of course, be celebrated with well-wishes and messages of thanks for all of the educators who support and inspire the community. This year, though, the scenario is different. Steve Seid, Clarke Schools’ Superintendent, wanted to make a special point to send a message out to celebrate the Clarke teachers who, over the last month and a half, have taken their commitment to a whole new level.

Watch Mr. Seid’s Personal Address To the Teachers and Nurses of Clarke Community Schools:

“Our teachers were asked to pivot on a dime, and make extra efforts to help our students during the shutdown,” Seid explained. “The school board, the administration, and I couldn’t be more proud to have each and every one of them on our team.”

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen and heard stories of Clarke teachers spending extra time online or creating custom lessons for students. They’ve volunteered to hand out meals and join in parades and celebrations to let the students know that while not at school, they’re still in their hearts and minds.

As an added bonus, May 6th will start Nurses’ week. Mr. Seid wanted to make sure that the Clarke school nurses, Cheri McCann and Andrea Miller, were thanked for the hard work they’ve been putting in during the crisis. Their support and continual updates on the virus and how to protect the health and wellness of our students has made navigating this unusual time much better.

“It goes without saying that the teachers and nurses who spend their days helping and supporting the students in the Clarke School district are appreciated,” Seid said. “A special week or a few days can’t define the work the community receives from these committed members of the Clarke team.”

So, next time you see a teacher or a nurse, make sure, no matter what time of year, you give them a big thank you and let them know their commitment and hard work is appreciated at Clarke Community Schools.

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