At the January 9th CCDC board meeting the announcement was made that long-time board members Ryan Lundquist and Dave Walkup decided to not seek reelection for additional terms on the CCDC board to focus on other opportunities.

clarke county development corporationMr. Lundquist, owner and operator of Highway Lumber decided to forego his reelection opportunity to focus more on his business and future growth opportunities.

Lundquist started with the Development Corporation in 2007. With his vast knowledge of building and construction, Ryan played an instrumental part in the implementation and completion of the numerous Tech Prep building trades houses built by local high school students. Leading and collaborating with school instructors and helping in the design and planning, the Tech Prep building trades program resulted in valuable experience for participants as well as offers affordable housing solutions for the community.

On top of planning, building, and developing new homes throughout the community, Ryan also was a huge supporter of all the CCDC’s renovation and beautification programs. Through the Paint the Town Red program, he worked with the board as well as applicants to provide the needed supplies for the various work sites. He also aided in the development of these programs, helping improve existing homes throughout Osceola. Ryan also served on the CCDC Executive Committee as Secretary.

Clarke County Development CorporationMr. Walkup plans include a move closer to family, making the decision to not seek reelection to the board easier.

Walkup, a long-time fixture as the representative for the Third Ward on the Osceola City Council, began his time with the CCDC board in 2010. With his relationships through City Council, Dave quickly established himself as a leader and advocate for collaboration between the CCDC and the City of Osceola. He has a passion for anything community oriented and while on the CCDC board, gave his full attention to programs benefiting the children of the community. 

Before joining CCDC, Mr. Walkup was a principal at Clarke High School. He was instrumental in the formation of the building trades program. He continued to support the program throughout his time with CCDC.

The staff at CCDC rely heavily on the leadership of our Board Members. Ryan and Dave have been strong supporters of our efforts” said Bill Trickey, Development Corporation Executive Director. “Additionally, they have provided us with valuable insight based on their areas of expertise. We will miss them both!”

The impact Mr. Lundquist and Mr. Walkup have made through the development corporation is immeasurable. From community development to fostering a strong future workforce, the legacy left on the CCDC board will be felt for a long time.

For more information about the Clarke County Development Corporation or what you can do to be involved with CCDC, contact Bill Trickey, Executive Director for the Clarke County Development Corporation, 115 E Washington St, Osceola, IA 50213, Phone: (641) 342-2944, email: [email protected]

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