In a public hearing held January 7, 2016, the Osceola Water Works Board voted on a proposed water service rate increase for the customers of Osceola Water Works. The proposed 10% Osceola Water rate increase was approved and will go into effect on February 1st, 2016.

Osceola’s water taste, its odor as well as its safety have long been the focus of the Water Board. While the Water Works team has worked to address issues with a variety of treatment approaches, they have proved to be largely unsuccessful with noticeable water taste and odor fluctuations throughout the year. After consultation with professional engineer, Mark Duben, a strategy for more aggressive filtering of West Lake’s water proved to be the best and safest option available.

osceola water works rate increase

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The team at Osceola Water Works will work to mitigate the taste and odor issues by increasing the frequency in which the carbon filters at the treatment plant are changed, essentially doubling the use of the filters and adding to expenses through the effort.

“We need to provide our customers with a safe, quality product and we feel changing out the carbon in the 8 filters is the best way to accomplish that.” Said Brandon Patterson, Water Works Superintendent

This accelerated carbon filtering process will increase the removal of a host of organic materials as well as the byproducts used to fight many of the taste and odor issues customers experience. Many other solutions were discussed, but they were neither as cost-effective or impactful as the increased carbon filter option.

After lengthy discussion among the Board members, weighing all possible processes and the costs associated with them, as well as taking into account stringent Federal and State regulations, the Osceola Water Works Board has found it necessary to raise water service rates by 10% for 2016. The water rate increase will be seen on City of Osceola utility bills starting February 1, 2016.

The water rate result to your bills is simple to computee.g. If your current water service charge is $11.81, the 10% increase will raise that charge to $12.99 (11.81 + 10% = $12.99 – a $1.18 difference). This increase will affect only the Water Works services based on your water usage, and does not affect sewer or garbage rates managed by The City. A sample of a “typical” utility bill can be seen in the included image.

For more information, you can contact Brandon Patterson, Osceola Water Works, 208 W Jefferson St, Osceola, IA 50213, phone: (641) 342-1435, web:, email: [email protected]

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