In a recent letter to the Editor of the Osceola Sentinel, The House Government Oversight Committee stated their position and perspective on the Clarke County Reservoir Project. The letter was published in the September 17, 2015 Sentinel and has quickly become a volatile talking point throughout the community.

House Government Oversight Committee Chairman - Rep. Bobby Kaufmann

House Government Oversight Committee Chairman – Rep. Bobby Kaufmann

While the letter was clear in its tone and direction, many in the community thought it woefully represented our elected officials, was wrought with inaccuracies and assumptions, as well as intended to demonize the members of the CCRC by making accusations of underhanded trickery and misleading the public. In forceful and somewhat threatening language, the letter, in no uncertain terms, declared what could only sound like a personal vendetta against the project, as well as the CCRC and vowed to block any attempt to proceed with the plan.

Of course, written with the intention to force reaction, the letter has instigated a strong response from many in the community, one of which is Osceola’s Reverend W. Philip Coe. Coe’s response, dated September 18, 2015 addresses the “Threatening tone and insinuations” the letter possessed.

In an excerpt from his response, Coe wrote,

“I find the letter to be juvenile in it’s inception and intent and tone,” continuing with, “It is a letter below the dignity of the governmental office it represents and of what should be expected of our elected who are under oath to serve all people of our state.”

Coe’s letter goes on to chastise The House Government Oversight Committee for what he perceives as bias and bullying tactics, ultimately demanding an apology and asking the Committee “cease to try to increase dissension over a vital issue to our community.”

Questions remain as to the specific intent of the letter from The House Government Oversight Committee, but after reading both letters, one can understand the swift and pointed response.

We have included PDFs of both letters for our readers to review.

At the time of this publication, response from the CCRC had not been received.

Click the links below to download the letters.

  Letter from Rep. Kaufmann and Iowa House Government Oversight Committee

  Response letter from Rev. W. Philip Coe

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