november 2016 elections, mayor term limits on ballot 2016, osceola city councilAt the September 6 Osceola City Council meeting, a petition was passed approving a special vote to change the term length of the position of mayor.

At the City Council meeting held on September 6, a petition was presented to the Council asking for a special vote to change the term length for the position of Mayor of Osceola.

Currently, the post of mayor is on the ballot every two years when Osceola holds its city elections. All other elected officials including City Council members, County Auditor, Sheriff and all Supervisors are elected for a term of four years. This poses the risk that four of the six elected city officials will turn over at every other city election.

In an effort to provide continuity and alleviate turnover, 70 eligible voting residents of Osceola signed the petition brought before the City Council at their September 6th meeting. The Council acknowledged receiving the petition and approved its presentation to the County Auditor. During the regular election this November, Osceola residents will see the proposed term limits for mayor on the ballot and will have the opportunity to vote on this change.

If the measure passes, a City Council voting majority won’t be on the ballot during the same election as mayor. Every two years, the ballot will list the mayor and two council members for election, with the other three council members on the ballot two years later.

Osceola Mayor Thomas Kedley will serve out his current 2-year term, then the position will be on the ballot at the next city election. The mayor elected at that time would then serve the first 4-year term if the proposed measure is approved.

The election this November will have a tremendous voter turnout, which I’m really excited about,” Kedley said. “The citizens of Osceola will get to have their voices heard in the sincerest form of true Democracy.”

Osceola residents are strongly encouraged to get out to vote this November. Do you need to register to vote or find out where you need to go to cast your ballot? Click HERE for information on registering to vote, and click HERE to find your polling location.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact City Administrator Ty Wheeler at the Osceola City Hall at 115 N. Fillmore Street or by email at [email protected].

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