The City of Osceola is helping to grow the next generation of leaders through their internship program at City Hall and have found a prime candidate in Diana Sagastizado.Diana Sagastizado Osceola City Intern Clarke Schools

With a passion for politics and current events, Clarke Schools senior Diana jumped at the chance to be a part of the local government. She was given the opportunity to apply for a new internship with the city and was awarded the position in late October of this year. As an intern, she reports directly to City Administrator Ty Wheeler and has been able to shadow him as he goes through his daily work load, gaining real-life knowledge about the workings of local government.

“This position has shown me how working in government requires a lot of teamwork and people who are willing to get past their differences,” said Sagastizado. “Political party doesn’t really matter as long as the decisions and plans meet the town’s needs.”

Diana moved to Osceola from Des Moines when she was in middle school and has really made the city her home. Currently a senior at Clarke Community Schools, she was crowned Homecoming Queen and maintains excellent grades, carrying a 3.6 GPA and earning a spot on the Honor Roll. She has always considered herself an advocate and keeps up with current events, listening to political podcasts and news programs every morning. In the last year she completed a service project that included inviting an immigration lawyer to speak to people at her church and answer questions to dispel any misinformation. When she graduates, she plans to attend college to pursue a degree in either pre-law or political science, hoping to follow a path into politics.

“From the beginning, Diana has been a go-getter, really soaking up all the information around her,” said Ty Wheeler. “She’s shown such drive and initiative I know she’ll be a force to be reckoned with long into the future.”



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