In a drive towards continual improvement, Clarke Community Schools has recently purchased two new school buses to service the students of Clarke County.

bus drivers needed clarke county osceola iowaThe school district puts a lot of miles on their buses due to regular bus routes as well as transporting student athletes and performing arts teams and their equipment. Wear and tear lessens the reliability of the buses and, as time goes on, they require more and more repairs and care. The new buses come with extensive warranties that will save the district money, plus they are far more reliable and will will require less maintenance. With the distances Clarke students travel for sports events and arts competitions, it is imperative that transportation is safe and dependable.

One of the two new buses is slightly larger than the ones being replaces, and both include undercarriage storage space for equipment and instruments for activity trips. This provides more comfortable and safer accommodations for the kids and makes it possible to reduce the number of buses needed.

While the cost of purchasing new buses may be a concern, community members can rest assured that the price is greatly offset by the subsequent sale of the buses being replaced. Clarke Community Schools is planning on replacing 2 outdated buses each year to offset costs and to keep a rotating level of maintenance needs

New Buses = The Need for More Drivers

Unfortunately, we are limited in our bus driver pool and may not be able to meet the transportation needs as the number of Clarke Community Schools extra-curricular groups continues to grow. By the fall of 2016, our district will be in need of two additional regular-schedule bus drivers and we are in immediate need of two substitute drivers. If we are unable to meet the needs of the students, travel opportunities may become limited.

The school district is exceptionally proud of all of our students, including our sports teams, academic clubs and performing arts students, and is delighted they are able to participate in competitions on many levels, from conference sports all the way to regional and state level competitions. If you are interested in becoming a Clarke Community School District bus driver, whether regular-route or substitute, please contact Rick Perin, Transportation Director, 641-342-4892.



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