In the last city elections, Osceola selected a new mayor with a bright vision for the city’s future. Have you met Mayor Thomas J. Kedley yet? Here is a quick snapshot of your newest city official!

Thomas grew up in Clinton, Iowa, strongly involved with the parks and recreation department there, helped run the pool in the summer, the local rec center during winter and coaching younger kids even as a teenager. He met his wife, Becca, while they were both pursuing degrees at the University of Northern Iowa. Along with their dog, Miss Penny Lane, they came to Osceola after finding teaching positions and they were able to see firsthand what a great community it is.

osceola iowa mayor thomas kedleyWith a campaign slogan of, “Respecting tradition, changing the status quo,” you’d better believe Thomas Kedley loves it here in Osceola. He came to Clarke Community Schools as the Technology Integrationist and TAG teacher, and was instrumental in the iPad roll out that has been such a success for the school district. Within a year, he had accepted a new position as the U.S. and World Geography teacher for grades 7-12. From there, it was a small step to take from being involved in the community as a teacher and coach to volunteering with Chamber Main Street and other local functions. When former mayor Fred Diehl decided not to run for re-election, Kedley knew this was his chance to feed his passion for politics and to help Osceola reach its full potential as Iowa’s “hidden gold mine.”

The new mayor believes the city is on the verge of booming, with its small-town atmosphere, close proximity to Des Moines, and extensive Amtrak service both East and West. Plus, sitting in the hub of Interstate 35 and Highways 34 and 69, it’s just a matter of time before the secret of Osceola life gets out!

Since taking office in January, Mayor Kedley has been out in the community, talking to Osceola residents, and working diligently toward the three pillars on which he ran his campaign:

  1. Increasing quality of life for all Osceola citizens through improvements that would make a family want to move to and stay in Osceola. The most important projects being worked on include building a community recreation center, expanding the trail systems, and building youth programs.
  2. Updating and maintaining city infrastructure and all city facilities.
  3. Providing a single source of safe, quality drinking water for all of Osceola’s citizens.

My role as mayor is really similar to my role as a teacher,” says Kedley. “It’s all about compromise, about making sure everyone gets heard and that the solutions bring the greatest outcome for everybody. We’re here to work together toward the best future of Osceola and all its citizens.”

If you have any questions or concerns for your new mayor, please don’t hesitate to call Mayor Kedley at (563) 249-1330 or visit him at City Hall.

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