It seems like it was just yesterday we were cheering on Clarke County Iowa’s favorite daughter, Kim Reynolds, when she accepted the appointment of Governor of Iowa. Well, it was back in May of 2017 and there certainly has been a lot to look back on.

When Reynolds and Lieutenant Governor Adam Gregg last graced the Clarke County Fairgrounds Events Center, directions for the next year were basically to hold tight a Branstad plan that was in action and make sure legislators and the Statehouse were poised for the next inevitable step – Reynolds’ run for a full 4-year term as Iowa’s Governor.  In that time, the State has seen record-low unemployment, significant job growth as well as the designation of the #1 State in the Union to live in by U.S. and World Report.

With hundreds in attendance, Reynolds and her team rallied the crowd around a vision of a future under her leadership. Wanting to build on momentum started since her appointment in May, the Governor promised responsible government and a focus on addressing “The tough problems.”

In a passionate speech, Governor Reynolds thanked the support from her home town and home crowd. With roaring applause and cheers, the governor issued a personal challenge for her future,

” I believe in the amazing opportunities we’re creating here because I know what it takes to keep us on top and I won’t rest — we won’t rest — until we’ve done everything we can to build an even better Iowa.”

While the announcement for this full-term run comes as no surprise, those in attendance were excited with Governor Reynolds’ pep-rally-launch and more, her unyielding commitment to her roots.

“We’re so proud of Kim’s success,” beamed Bill Trickey, Executive Director of the Clarke County Development Corporation. “Her career, starting as Clarke County’s Treasurer leading to the first female Governor of our state, is truly an inspiring story for us all.”

Check out central Iowa’s KCCI TV8’s news coverage of Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds’ 2018 Gubernatorial Launch Event!

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