clarke county state bankThe Clarke County State Bank 2017 Christmas Club fund, distributed in November, paid out over $75,000 across participants in the program. This not only computes to big seasonal savings for those in the program, but it also means tens of thousands of dollars that will be funneled back into the local economy. Over the next few weeks and months, from holiday shopping to family dinners and more, through the use of their Christmas Club funds, locals will be able to boost spending budgets throughout the county.

Recent reports show that over 40% of American adults struggle month-to-month with finances. Young adults are especially susceptible to budgeting hardships. And the holidays seem to be when the financial pinch is felt the most. With many budgets stretched to pay basic housing costs, utilities and more, holiday expenses often seem overwhelming. During this time of year many are asking themselves, “What can be done to lower holiday budget stress?”  It all starts with planning ahead.

“As a community bank, we strive to offer the types of services that customers find beneficial.  It can be difficult to come up with ‘Holiday shopping funds,’ therefore, we believe this account is one that many will find very useful,” stated Diane Ogbourne, CCSB’s Business Development Officer.

CCSB’s Christmas Club is one option that gives customers the ability to ever-so-gradually save funds for the holidays throughout the year. A small savings deposit in a Christmas Club account gets the ball rolling as early as November of the year before the targeted holiday (If saving for Christmas 2018, you would want to open an account in November or early December of 2017). With each month between the opening of the account and the annual fund distribution on November 1st, the customer can save a small percentage of their end budget goal or even set an amount deposited automatically from each paycheck. With 12 months for the funds to gather and grow with a small interest rate, the holiday shopping season comes with less stress and more funds to work with.

“We encourage folks to save and shop locally. With the CCSB Christmas Club account you save a little each week or month—your choice – and it builds so you have a nice amount November 1, to begin your shopping,” said Ogbourne.

For more information on Clarke County State Bank’s Christmas Club account or additional services provided by CCSB, please contact Diane Ogbourne, CCSB Business Development Officer at, email [email protected] or call the main branch at (641) 342-6581.

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