Clarke Schools Renovation Projects Kicked Off in 2015 and Look to Continue With Your Support.

Clarke County has seen a recent population growth unmatched by any southern Iowa county for over the last decade and a half. With this growth comes more residents and more students. This brings the need for more resources to help these students as well as build a better place for all of our citizens to learn, grow, and foster a great future in Clarke County.

This year Clarke saw 75 students graduate. Incoming class counts are 120 to 125 and growing. That’s over 55% growth in one class transition. As it stands, the Middle School and High School have no additional space to accommodate growth at that level.

As part of the initial phase of a growth and renovation mission, The Clarke Community School board started making necessary changes. Through recent construction and updates at the High School, they provided students, teachers, administrative staff, and all associated with the schools much needed security updates as well as plans for the proper space needed for learning and development.

In this video, you can see the renovation goals the school board have set as well as the needs for future updates and expansion.

Of course, growth is a good problem for a community to have, but there’s a dire need to be proactive in addressing the needs of Clarke’s future students.

Clarke Community Schools has the unique advantage, today, to provide a foundation of excellence for their schools, students, and community. From developing academic programs to match their diversified needs to providing the proper learning space needed today and into the future, The district must take action to assure the success of the students and the community long into the future.

For more information on how you can help, contact:
Clarke Community School Board
Steve Seid, Superintendent – (641) 342-4969
[email protected]

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