Ronda Wishon, a 7th and 8th grade teacher at Clarke Community Middle School, is using a new technique to help her students excel in her class – Active Learning Stools.

active learning stoolsThrough a Community Action Fund grant from Clarke County Development Corporation, Mrs. Wishon was able to purchase 9 Learniture Active Learning Stools for her classroom. This seating is flexible and allows to “wiggle” in their chairs without disrupting the entire class. Through extensive studies, experts have found that students need to be able to move even though they need to be seated for certain classroom activities. The Active Learning Stools allow for both and actually assist with learning and retention.

Extensive research has shown that letting students wiggle and fidget while learning increases their ability to focus,” said Mrs. Wishon. “This stool allows students to channel excess energy away from disruptive behaviors, creating a better learning environment for the whole classroom.”

Clarke Community Schools is always looking for new and improved ways to help their students excel and to pave the way for their future success. The school district is quickly being established as an education leader in Iowa. In recent years, Clarke Schools has also provided iPads and Chromebooks to their students and Superintendent Steve Seid was invited to China to present at a conference on global literacy.

To learn more about the innovative teaching strategies at Clarke Community Schools, feel free to contact Superintendent Steve Seid by email or give his office a call at (641) 342-4969.

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