In the July meeting of the Clarke County Development Corporation (CCDC), the board heard the request for and approved a Discretionary Grant for the Murray Community School District. The grant request was for up to $27,234.60 and was approved as a matching fund, making possible the purchase of more than $54,000.00 of new and updated technology for the Murray students and teachers.

Murray community schools tech grant from CCDC

The CCDC grant helped Murray Schools purchase more than $54,000 of new technology.

Jeanie Bower, Technology Integrationist at Murray Schools, began her technology upgrade journey at the end of May through discussions with Murray school district officials. With some of the district’s existing Chromebooks and classroom smart boards approaching 6 years or more of use, the need to replace and upgrade was apparent. As conversations surrounding the costs associated with the technology progressed, they knew general funds alone would cover much of the cost, but would need to be augmented to meet their full technology needs.

“Students and teachers both needed to have updates for increased application use as well as important security features,” said Bower.

In early June, the grant process was kicked off by contacting Elizabeth Simpson, Program Manager at the CCDC. “She really helped us through the application process,” said Bower of Simpson’s assistance. “The entire application, including the presentation and approval was much easier than I ever thought it’d be.”

With the speedy approval of the CCDC grant, Bower was able to submit requests for more than 120 new student Chromebooks, 6 staff-specific Chromebook devices, as well as 3 Clever Touch boards for the classrooms.

“The technology we’re replacing, ironically, was purchased through the help of a CCDC grant back in 2018,” said Bower. “These updates will go a long way in helping our students and teachers succeed in and out of the classroom.”

“The CCDC is always looking for opportunities to help local students and teachers,” said Bill Trickey, CCDC Executive Director. “Through funds like these we can foster advanced education opportunities and facilitate the growth of all of our communities.”

Questions for more information about the Murray technology updates can be directed to Jeanie Bower, Technology Integrationist at Murray Public Schools, 641-447-2517 x194.

If you have additional questions or would like information concerning CCDC grant opportunities, please feel free to reach out to the Clarke County Development Corporation at 115 E Washington St, Osceola, IA 50213, Phone: 641-342-2944.

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