(OSCEOLA, IA June 22, 2022)
The Davis-Pence American Legion Post #69 in Osceola is providing a needed service to Clarke County veterans.

The veterans that are members of the Davis-Pence American Legion post 69 in Osceola are hard at work providing medical equipment to local area people in need. The equipment is offered for free to anyone in need.

The Davis-Pence post works hard to provide needed services to those in the community in need. They have offered hospital beds, lifting recliners. walkers, handicap bars, scooters, electric wheelchairs and more. There is no cost to the person to use the equipment. This is a free service offered simply to help the public get the medical equipment they need. The Davis-Pence American Legion Post members can deliver the equipment if needed and will maintain the equipment that is leant out. Maintenance of this equipment can be costly. Recently Clarke County Development (CCDC) awarded a Community Development Donation to the Davis-Pence American Legion Post #69 for $500 to assist in the purchase of new batteries for some of the wheelchairs and scooters that are lent out. Bill Trickey, Clarke County Development’s Executive Director noted,

“CCDC is proud to support our local American Legion Davis Pence Post 69 in their efforts to provide needed medical equipment to people in need in the community.”

The equipment the Legion loans has all been either donated by community members and other resources or purchased by the Davis-Pence American Legion post 69. Access to the equipment is given by the Davis-Pence Legion members to local veterans in need. When the equipment is no longer needed, it is returned to the Legion to be re-distributed to other Vets in need. If you know of a veteran in need of medical equipment, contact an Osceola American Legion member and they can help you out. John Sharp, American Legion Davis Pence Post #69 commander states,

” The best part about this program is we are able to help
the community with their needs for free”.

The post is always looking for new members. To become a member of the American Legion You just need to have been a Veteran who has served in active duty at any time since 1941. If you are interested in becoming a member of the Osceola American Legion just contact Commander John Sharp at 641-414-9097.

If you have questions or would like more information about the Community Development Donation Programs offered by CCDC, please contact Elizabeth Simpson, Program Manager, Phone: 641.342.2944 email: [email protected].


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